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Jake Dollery

Jake is an award nominated recording artist. He has written and recorded 8 albums including a chill out album, most of which, including his latest album: "Love Death & Alcohol" are available on all major downloading and streaming sites now.

Jake is a British singer, songwriter and guitarist and has been musically active for nearly 4 decades. Jake has fronted a punk band, a covers band and also, in the early 90's, a rock/pop band as well as performing solo.

In the mid 90's he quit playing live to concentrate on writing and recording. In the late 90's he took a hiatus from music for nearly a decade when he resumed writing and recording. He returned to the stage in 2009 performing solo acoustic sets. He was also involved in promoting music events in his home town of Reading and continues to write and record new material.

Jake’s songs combine strong melodies with honest, heart on sleeve lyrics that steer clear of sentimentality and are delivered with a  an undeniable passion. Jake's music is diverse; Heavy rock, rock, pop and chill out tunes, his belief is that musical creativity knows no boundaries and has been enjoying radio airplay across the UK, US, Australia and Europe.

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Jake Dollery
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Never Say No (Part One)
If Only
What Do I Say?
I Don't Care Where We Go
Can't You See?
Come And Get Me
No Normal Life
All You Ever Do
Hell I've Paid Enough
It Could Only Be You
When We Were Young
The Ballad Of Stevie Boy
When We Were Young