Jamie Rust

  1. New single Party Of Five! I'm an American recording artist living in Norway. I have been writing, recording and preforming for over 30 years. My main instrument is guitar and voice but I play bass and drums also and have done so in other groups. Besides my own projects, I play guitar for Rio Riviera Dub Allstars, here in Norway. This is an awesome Sublime tribute band.
  2. I like to have a touch of humor in my music and videos. So, yes it is intentional. Taking ones self so serous is exhausting and quite frankly no fun. Around 2006 I started writing lyrics that are all fiction but for a hand full of acoustic tunes I wrote for my wife. If my lyrics say me or I it's all in my imagination, ha ha. I'm a happier person for it!
  3. Check out my new singles and my most resent guitar albums "Scalar Waves" and "Space mullet Blues". Follow the links below to stream and download. There is even a Paypal link if you would like to be a contributor to the next album release, now in the works.



Jamie Rust

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