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Jimmie James Solo Project

JIMMIE JAMES SOLO PROJECT was established in 2012. Recording not only songs, but also instrumental compositions, at times experimental, while Multi-Instrumentalist/Songwriter/Composer Jamie Baker wanders through the Rock, Progressive Rock, Funk Rock, Folk & Blues genres.

By December, 2015, he was rendered homeless for the sixth time through life, this time not only losing his home, but all assets & possessions as well. Left only with two shopping bags of items, and the shirt on his back.

It wasn't until September 15, 2017, before he was granted the opportunity to get back up on his feet again, making a contribution of investments to establish another recording studio.

Now moving into writing songs rather than instrumentals, with the release of "The Great Human Decline", Jamie is now focusing on the Folk, Rock & Blues genres. "World Devastation" was the last Heavy Rock Song to date, written, composed & produced in his studio.

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Jimmie James Solo Project
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