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Jon Hannz

Jon Hannz knows what it is to make music not just words on a beat. Actual content which brings timeless music, Jon Hannz has a video on youtube.com called “Love, life and commitments.” The story tells of him becoming a single father and attempting to raise his daughter while not being in his oldest daughter’s life! True grown man life. As I watched this video I understood who this man was and I went to find anything I could from him.

Jon Hannz keeps a hashtag saying #makinghiphopgreatagain and his followers agree He’s making hip hop great in his own lane!

Jon Hannz presents His music under his own record label J.BrownLLC he’s his only artist and he does it just to put out his music. He feels staying independent is the only way. No record deals, no promises, just grown man s**t as he explains his style.

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Jon Hannz
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