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Josh Parry

I am Josh Parry, a local singer song writer. This release portrays another fantastic job from Natt Webb at Ratcat Studios. This so was important as it was the first song I ever wrote, as always Natt's work is outstanding.
Don't Wish Your Life Away is number 2 of a trio of releases before I get back into the studio. This one will get people reminiscing looking back at their time as a youngster and how we always want to be older to reach particular milestones in our youth. As we start to get older, we constantly reflect back, maybe a little bit more for me with moving from Stoke to Derby at 18. I never realised how booming the Derby music scene was until I started doing open mic nights. There is some great talent which inspired me to become apart of it. I have always been passionate about music and have a varied taste but primarily I love the indie and britpop scene with influences from The Courteeners, Oasis, The Beatles, The Smiths, Stone Roses, The Jam, the list goes on!

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Josh Parry
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