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  1. When Rap unites with Rock it creates FIRE!!!
  2. Kidd Dreadd & Bill Minnery excite fans with the release of their music video for their song Heartbreaker
  3. While many have been in lockdown; two Brantford musicians from very different musical backgrounds -- united during the Pandemic and have created some good local Ontario news.
  4. Fresh Out of Brantford Ontario Canada is HEART-BREAKER --- Kidd Dreadd’s newly released Rap/Hip-Hop song in collaboration with Bill Minnery.  It has everything a summer song could want -- Rap, Rock, R&B, Love and a Guitar Solo.  Heartbreaker is written by Brantford's Justin Benin who is a Rap/Hip Hop artist who goes by the moniker “Kidd Dreadd.” Justin's clear concise Rap vocals are easily authenticated and he's written a groovy hook and catchy cadence to his new song. Justin collaborated on this release with Brantford Rocker
  5. Bill Minnery who has laid down some smooth old school R&B guitar work and provided the easily recognizable vocals on the chorus.
  6. The pre-release hype on this song lived up to the final result.  A fabulous mixture of Rap & Rock from two very different local musicians ... who are also tremendously close friends!!!
  7. Kidd Dreadd has been revered as the Peaceful Laid-Back Rapper. He is a unique part of his family's emerging music company called Mawlife Media.
  8. Kidd Dreadd = Calm & Chill.
  9. Bill is a well-known Rock Musician who performs regularly with his family band SIVLE and has done extensive work with his own rock bands and solo projects. This is Bill’s first feature on a Rap/Hip-Hop song.
  10. Heartbreaker is an elegant mix of Rap/R&B/Rock.  Positive LIT reviews are pouring in on this ... it will be played a lot.
  11. Their much-anticipated music video was released Saturday August 1st, 2020 and was recorded by Reppa Media out of Brantford Ontario where it was also filmed.
  12. Heart-Breaker Music Video:
  13. Story behind the song:
  14. Kidd Dreadd’s Heartbreaker, released on Friday July 3rd, 2020 is a new hit about a romantic tragedy that has everyone wanting more. In the past, Kidd Dreadd has written many songs about love but this time he wanted to twist up the love story. “At least once, everyone has experienced a painful heartbreak and that is what this song is about. Listeners can relate to the song and become drawn to it.”

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Heart Breaker - Kidd Dreadd Ft. Bill Minnery

Heart Breaker - Kidd Dreadd Ft. Bill Minnery


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