i been making music for about 20 years from mtv music generator on playstation 1 and i would record my music from tv to karkoee machine n its microphone then i would have the sound enigneer name Seva that i met in knoxville for about 50 bucks because he liked my music to put on cd and evenutally taught me sound design so i could make my music for cheaper price ,my music heroes has always been daft punk and elvis ..i made my first cd in 2001 called Velvet Moon and let the rythum send you was my first two songs i have made speedcore before it was even called that when i did songs that were 999/1000 bpms i have written proof of it as well ;IN 2008 i made it on the charts when i had my first computer soft dance 5 ejay /hiphop 5 ejay made a mixed genre of songs my first two of the software was GMX VOlume 1 and Shake your Baba .lol .. but i made it on the myspace charts from 100 upto top 20 at number 16 ...then i swing over to facebook at 2009 cause i had a feeling myspace was going down hill when i heard fb was going on top and myspace was bought out ..:( from 2010 -2011 i heard skrillex and daft punk ,music that changed my life and industrial music artists as well such as zeromancer/dope star inc and celldweller.. they was futuristic and i thought it was cool i didn't really took my music career very serious after 2018 and i build my own software to make my music so i wont be limited on what music to make i made it on the charts,mainstream radio with electric 94.9 tri cities,internet radio stations everywhere,im on Blogs by many and more.. in 2020 i made a song we must unite and it gotten alot of hits talking about unity and world in 2021 i l be havin alot of albums to release and work my way back to thecharts again already have one song on the charts now called Somebdy Loveme D*man it , a special remix of mine that i did back 6 years ago and redid it this year..New album coming out Revolution Summer...



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