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Kako Ramos

  1. Kako Ramos is from Rio Grande do Sul, born in Gravataí. Since the age of eight he has dedicated himself to music. At that age he already learned his first chords on the guitar, then took classical and popular guitar lessons.
  2. At the age of eleven he became interested in heavy metal when he attended Metallica's 1989 Grammy performance playing the song One live.
  3. As a guitarist ...
  4. ... played in the bands Striknina (punk rock) in 1994, Dallas (hard rock) in 1997, In Pace (black metal) in 1998, Shekinna (white mwtal) in 2001, Waiftown (heavy metal) in 2002, Heavinna (heavy 2004) and Shekinna (white metal).
  5. As a bass player ...
  6. ... played in the band Desaster (death metal) in 1995, Evocation (black metal) in 1996 and Xaparraw in 2012.
  7. He recorded bass on Evocation's Belial's Land demo in 1996 and on the 1997 single Obscurity Worshiper. He recorded guitars on the self-titled In Pace demo CD in 2000. He recorded the demo CD Time for the band Waiftown in 2003.
  8. As a bass player, he recorded the single TV Slave by the band Xaparraw in 2013. He recorded the basses, guitars and produced the singles for Evocation Freezing War and Dark, Flame and Blood in 2015. He recorded all the instruments, vocals and produced the two singles by Heavinna 2018 War and Naked Hands.
  9. He wrote for a blog between 2011 and 2019 and for the TopBuzz app from 2017 to 2019. In these spaces he made posts about music, music production and culture in general.
  10. He currently works in his home studio, writes for the blog, has his YouTube channel where he posts various videos like songs, talking about music production, giving tips related to music and showing behind the scenes of his work.

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Kako Ramos