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Keith Schwartz

  1. I’m an ambient & new age guitarist composer with two recently  released (May 2020) albums “Voices In Accord” and “Certified To Fly”  which are steadily gaining traction on Spotify & Pandora –  I will also be premiering a 3rd album by spring of 2021.
  2. My back story is that I was a hard rock & prog player playing in some very good “Weekend Warrior” bands in the Twin Cities Area, and playing in church when my son took ill when he was 6 and I am convinced he was brought back to good health while listening to healing harp and vocal music of Therese Schroeder-Sheker, I wrote her and thanked her and found out that bringing peace and healing is her musical goal.
  3. Ever since I’ve tried to make music from the heart that heals and brings peace – its been an illuminating journey as by the grace of God, the music he gave had also brought healing to me in places I did not even realize were hurting.   Real music can and should bring healing.
  4. I am hopeful that joining the tunebubble community will bring new musical acquaintances, friendships &  perhaps even collaborations as we forge ahead into the brave new sonic landscapes of our imaginations.
  5. All the best,
  6. Keith

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Keith Schwartz