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Born in South Florida,

The kinds of music kidfreshice make are Hip-Hop and R&B, because I feel like Hip Hop is a modern form of poetry, freedom of speech and creativity. example I feel a Great Hip Hop lyrics are personal and flow like water. kidfreshice had often getting into violent situations; his parents couldn't cope with raising him because he was always in trouble, so therefore he was often forced to stay with various relatives as a result.


At a very young age he was deep in the street, then he decided to get leave the street to get clean to pursue a career in music,because he always have passion for music. Kidfreshice move to Tampa,Florida setting a group in Florida rap crew in Tampa. when it came to genres, he often incorporating elements of rock, hip-hop, R&B. kidfreshice main focus is today loyal and focus to his fans ,and to drop new music consistently for his fans who enjoy new music.



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