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LUXTHEREAL is a Phoenix AZ based band with eclectic interests. Our music derives from classic rock, new wave, techno/synth, prog rock, blues/jazz, and beyond. We have influences from classic rock bands like the Doors, Beatles; new wave bands like The Motels, Simple Minds, Pretenders; new romantics like Bowie, Roxy Music; modern/alternative rock like St. Vincent, Dorothy, Cage the Elephant. Although we have various influences spanning many eras/genres of music, our music really doesn't sound like anyone else.


We have been called atmospheric, cinematic, melodic, and lyrical; our music is all of those things and more.



Ken Martin – Guitars, Synthesizers, Lead & Backing Vocals

Rachel Guilbault – Lead & Backing Vocals

Terry Martin – Bass Guitar & Backing Vocals

Tammy Stredwick – Drums & Backing Vocals

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