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Lara Eidi

Lara Eidi is a soulful vocal artist. A composer. A musician and above all, A storyteller. a seeker of truth.
Her songs are almost visual portraits of human emotions and relations, weaving tapestries of sound inspired by the many places she’s lived and the musical colours she grew up with. She’s performed since a young age in her hometown of Athens, both as a singer and pianist and shortly after touring with her own music across Europe and the Middle East she moved to London and obtained her MMus in Jazz Voice at The Guildhall School of Music and Drama.
Since then, she’s performed and collaborated with a host of established musicians, often culminating in a blend of her love of the simplify and beauty of folk music, to the creative freedom jazz has to offer. Sandy Brown Jazz described her as “ of those singers who connects with the audience as soon as she starts to sing. Perhaps psychologists can explain the gift – and it is a gift”
(Sandy Brown Jazz).
Truly a world citizen, rather than draw on influences distinctly from her multi-cultural background, she draws on her life experience to create songs which seek to elevate, heal and connect with audiences and listeners alike. Her music transcends, an as a non- assuming performer audiences revel in her compassion through her voice and music. As a result, she’s been described as “a singer who knows no niche”, because she has created one of her own” (Athens Voice).
She’s performed to highlight a few stages in the UK and abroad, at London Folk Festival, Hampstead Jazz Club, Christ Church, Pizza Express, Milton Court, Fete De La Musique (Beirut), Edinburgh Fringe Festival. She was recently featured as a rising star on BBC Radio London (Scenes), to which she announced her current project to date: a full-length album after releasing her two EP’s that were met with rave reviews.
As a performer, Lara has been portrayed as having " Streisand's clear vocal empathy yet Joni Mitchell in person, something entirely of her own accord".

She is also a passionate teacher, workshop leader when her schedule permits both in London and Athens. ​

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Lara Eidi