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Le Twan

Le Twan, aka Antoine Gautier, with a background in rock, performed and recorded drums in the Los-Angeles indie and hard rock scene. In 2003, he began producing and DJing electronic music at LA parties and events in the Californian desert.

« Rock never dies! » Bringing an indie influence to his electronic music productions, Le Twan has created his own genre-bending style. Finely detailed beat constructions unite with melodies grounded in the sound of analogue synthesizers. He studied classical clarinet at the conservatory while simultaneously playing drums with his father, a jazz trombonist. Think, New Order and Tomita merging with Star Wars, Le Twan playfully leading as movie director with his unique contemporary touch.

Originally from Geneva, Switzerland, Le Twan is not only a traveller through genres. Following his time in California, he relocated to Romania in 2008 to work with singer Keo. After a brief period in London, he moved back to his homeland late 2011. Le Twan, a musician, producer and dj who never stops merging influences to generate his own sound. Indeed! An artist to follow...

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Le Twan