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Lil’ Derka

People go to me for advice. I don’t usually get credit or acknowledgement for how I’ve helped someone but I do it because that’s what I want to do. Not for any credit or ulterior motive. It makes me feel good to be there for people when no one else is. That’s part of why I started writing music. Everytime I’ve been in a bad spot in my mind, I’d listen to music. Not to raise my mood up but to reflect upon all the things that hurt me every day, to the demons that torment me, and to know that there is somebody in the world going through something similar to my situation. Someone might have those same demons and be fighting the same battle. Knowing that makes me not have to feel alone in the world. So that is a big motivation for why I do rap music and my goal is to send a message. That no one has to be alone. I wanna be that person that they hear when listening to random music. I wanna be the person who says the right thing in an unexpected song, that just might get through to them before they believe it is too late to push forward. You see, sometimes everyone needs that voice in the distance calling out to make them feel alright. I’ve listened to music and heard those same kinda people that got through to me. I wanna be able to know that I am that person to someone one day.

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Lil’ Derka