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Attentio!.. So bestia, leyg nai naz beper!.. Vladislav "Lisicq" Nikolaev (elsuo gnehn, e. s.: Tom "Fikked" Uoki) — so legendary "social puks", so participant ab so uerald tupps enti so hero ab so records boks (so fastest trommeler)!.. So founder enti so ideologist ab so unique extreme skuel, "Koma", "Diabol tens", "Lac6rat9d virgin", "Niko." enti manag enters, sensational, proiects; master Russia!.. I eyder: Virtualdj.com/broadcast/Lisicq, Lisicq.101.Ru, Djvefire.Ru/index/8-24, Hearthis.at/Lisicq, Iamradio.tv/author/Lisicq, Last.fm/music/Lisicq, Lisicq.Listen2myradio.com, Livesets.com/Lisicq, Vimeo.com/Lisicq, Virtualdjradio.com/user/Lisicq, Volnorez.com/Lisicq, Clubbingtv.com/listing/Lisicq, Periscope.tv/Lisicq, Tuitch.tv/Lisicq, Youtube.com/channel/Lisicq, Uasd.tv/Lisicq; interact (donate): Virtualdj.com/ask/Lisicq, Boosty.to/Lisicq, Donate.stream/Lisicq, Donationalerts.com/r/Lisicq, Linktr.ee/Lisicq, Onlyfans.com/Lisicq, Pixabay.com/Lisicq!.. Kasts: podcasts.Apple.com/Ru/podcast/Lisicq/id1532358387, Virtualdj.com/user/Lisicq/podcast.html!.. Place, deh nauiht fraget — do tupp: 4276380190085147!.. 🦊

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