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Lori Nebo

Lori Nebo, a singer /songwriter, who writes her own melodies and song lyrics. Originally born and raised in California, currently lives in New York. I have worked in gospel choir and also worked with many bands, and a few all girl groups as a lead singer. Singing has always been one of my passions, as I never thought I would actually be a singer/songwriter until later in my life, because I was a divorced young single mother of four. Songs usually would come unexpectedly when driving, working or trying to take a test, even in the bathtub. The melody usually stays in your head, if it's good, so you never forget the melody. I started writing and recording, collaborating with many talented people, so here I am sharing my music with you on tunebubble across many platforms! More new music is coming soon!I I have also worked in NYC clubs as a DJ, performer and host with my own entertainment business called Inspiration Love Songs. Luckily was able to get back into nursing, and singing in nursing homes since pandemic.

Will be performing in the parks and on the streets of NYC this summer with friends guitar Andy and Roma! Just got my Yoga teaching certificate so will be teaching yoga too!

All Music available for download on all platforms including Tunebubble!

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Lori Nebo