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Lory De Lorean

°°° I love to sing and I like all music. I'm living a kind of double artistic life, like Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde. I recorded, as a solo artist, two original songs, 'Note di Notte' (2020, funky/pop) and 'Senza lacrime' (2020, slow rap with Bomber MC), but now it's time to act again with my metal rock band Of the Sun and the Moon. After a period of pause, we're back with a brand new track, 'Everlasting War', epic, dramatic, melodic, gritty and biting stuff. With us, in this song, as 'special guest' vocals, the talented alternative/indie singer/songwriter, from US, Frankie McCabe. I also like collaborating with other musicians, singers, artists, experimenting with different genres, sounds, vibes, atmospheres and grooves. I hope this is the beginning of a long series of new and funny musical thrills & emotions. °°°

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Lory De Lorean