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Magdalena Meisel

Magdalena Meisel is a singer from Katowice, Poland.


Magdalena took part in the Polish entertainment show, „Bitwa na Głosy”, where she performed along with the winning group led by the lead vocalist of the band FEEL. During the series, she brilliantly sang “Time to say goodby”, and she gained the judge’s recognition for giving a memorable performance of Bajm’s “Biała armia” in the final show.


Magdalena exhibited her talent in the Polish talent show, “Szansa na sukces”, as well as the second edition of the music competition show, X-Factor. She also appeared in the 3rd edition of “The Voice of Poland”, where she sang with the group of other contestants coached by Marek Piekarczyk, the lead vocalist of the rock band TSA. Magda performed three songs winning the battle and the knockout stages of the competition and advanced to the live playoff along with the other three finalists, selected by Marek Piekarczyk.


She continues to perform as a solo singer partaking in a variety of music events. She hosts live concerts as well as business parties and events.

Magdalena graduated from the Karol Szymanowski Academy of Music in Katowice with Master’s Degree in Violin Performance, and she is a member of the Częstochowa Philharmonic Orchestra. She also teaches violin and she conducts educational activities.

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Magdalena Meisel