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Makeba Mooncycle

📷I'm not a female MC! I'm a MC for life!Traveling around the universe looking for a way to release, inside there's a fire when set free comes peace!Makeba has been writing and performing since she was a child. Did she always know that she wanted to be an MC? Did she know that her writings and poetry would open a door to being a lyricist or a MC? No, Makeba looked at writing as a way to escape and the universe led her to connect with people in each stage of her life. From dancing lessons, piano lessons and being exposed to hard work and entrepreneurs helped her on her journey.Makeba believes that life experiences will shape your decisions and directions some right some wrong. All of these turns introduced her to a life, a world and to people that have prepared her for important moments. Her love for dance took her to clubs where she met LinQue. Makeba's love for helping others led her to the BlackWatch movement, X Clan and Sonny Carson. Makeba's loyalty to friends led her to helping in business which led her to MC Lyte. Which led her to finding talented artists and producers who eventually became family. Putting others and supporting their dreams before her own became part of an instinctive nature that taught her many things. Makeba said she was thankful to the people that inspired her even though she was afraid to show her skills, this fear brought on by her fear of loss.Makeba's first experiences in a professional recording studio was with X Clan, ISIS and Queen Mother Rage. She was able to road manage for ISIS, Queen Mother Rage, YZ and X Clan. When out with X Clan she only assisted Professor X and the road manager Walter. Hands on training was better than any book or instruction manual. Makeba found that she had an ear for talent, especially great producers. Makeba said that she learned a lot from those experiences which showed her how to work and maneuver within the music business.The first professional song Makeba recorded besides backgrounds and hooks was on MC Lyte's album Ain't No Other on the song Hard Copy produced by Backspin. Her MC name at this time was Kink Ez because she had locks and her hair locked up fast giving her antennas to the universe. Recording with Lyte and LinQue was amazing and lit a fire in her that could not be extinguished. Before the song a strong friendship/sisterhood was formed along with a

📷management company called Duke Da Moon. Their dream was to manage LinQue and the other artists. At this time Makeba was focused on running the company, not music. While managing several artists she formed a group called Afrodeeziacs with Asia Minor, the group's demo was produced by Down Low productions own Self and Goldie. While looking for tracks for LinQue's album with Ruffhouse she met a production team called Friendly Fee productions who were a husband and wife team Amelia and Kevin Moore. After leaving Duke Da Moon she began to record solo tracks with Friendly Fee the first being H20 with many more to follow. Makeba recorded many songs and Friendly Fee put out her first single as Makeba Mooncycle called Desert Storm that was picked for a New MC's compilation on Rhino Records called Phat Beats and Bra Straps. Then they released another single called Ahhh featuring the COINS by this time Friendly Fee changed their name to Masters of the Art. With Masters of the Art, Makeba had written and recorded an extensive catalogue of songs.While performing in Washington DC she met promoters from Africa who said they wanted her to come and perform at a festival. Makeba performed on the FESTAM Tour of West Africa in Dakar, Senegal opening up for African artists in big venues and she performed day and night at smaller venues and schools. Armed only with a distribution deal from Orpheus/EMI, which did not pan out because they wanted her to pay for features she quickly parted ways. Still working hard managing herself and others Makeba quickly built a loyal fanbase and saw a string of releases. She is currently writing a book based on her experiences within the music business. Makeba’s catalogue of music includes the singles Lunchroom Classics and WE, duets with Talib Kweli produced by J. Rawls, An EP released on Buka Entertainment/Lone Catalysts called The Gibbous. We Can't be Touched produced by DJ Tony Touch and Ray Rolls, Doin our Thang produced by Joe Loops both with Sunz of Man, Crazy Love, a European release with Nona Hendryx, and Fire produced by Arabian Knight, a song with Royal Fam's Timbo King off of Wu Tang Records. After Duke Da Moon Makeba started her own management company called Must Maintain Entertainment, and was known as the hook up lady who served as a consultant for various artists such as Mood, Hi Tech, Talib Kweli, AZ, Skanks The Rap Martyr (Problem Child), P Funk, and The Rose Family.Makeba has also lent her voice to television, doing voice-overs for an Italian Adidas commercial that featured the late "Just Got Paid" Johnny Kemp and the late Jam Master Jay of Run DMC who produced the music for the commercial. She also used her voice over talents for two Sugar Golden Crisps commercials. Makeba also recorded and performed the theme song for BET Comic View’s 10th anniversary show, and appeared on the PBS television series Between the Lions.

Makeba worked with many artists and producers trying to mark her spot in Hip Hop history. She has many releases on the way, the first being The Gibbous 2020 a twenty year anniversary celebration of the original release with new songs. Can You Feel Me a single off the Sunz of Anarchy Sicktape Volume one brought to us by Skanks The Rap Martyr and Anarchy Records. She will also be releasing a Mixtape called Featuring with Anarchy Records and an album name at the moment called Just A Part Of Me!

She is still moving and as she says "Don't Stop, Don't Quit!

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Makeba Mooncycle