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Marc Gulli Project

Marc Gulli Project


I live in Central NJ. I've been writing and playing guitar for many years. My guitar style has a major hard rock 80’s style feel to it. My former 80’s rock band Shyboy signed with FnA records in 2018. We played many clubs throughout the Tri-State area. Those were the days, now it's time to move on.

Today I'm working hard establishing the "Marc Gulli Project". I'm doing all I can to get my guitar music heard. Please take a listen and enjoy my tunes! My ultimate goal is to record for Radio and TV.

In 2019 I wrote and recorded guitar spots for both Philly Rock Radio, and RPM Radio. My music has been played on WDHA 105.5, RPM Radio, Kevin and Johnny E. Show, and Fryday Night with Fry. My main influences are Van Halen, Dokken, RATT, and The Who. I can’t wait to see what 2020 has in store for me.


If anyone is interested in supporting the Marc Gulli Project, please checkout my Paypal Link!!!


Working on some incredible music!!!



Thank you for the awesome support! Music is my passion🎶

Marc Gulli


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Marc Gulli Project