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Mark Alexander Carroll

Mark Alexander Carroll, like many Singers, Played in Bands and performed Covers, basically to get a "Gig". These days, I prefer to write my own Music classified as a Singer/Songwriter and recording artist. The most popular Group I performed with was a Mid-South Band called INTERSTATE 55, simply because we burned that highway up! We opened for Styx, The Hello People, Black Oak Arkansas, Kenny Rogers; Big Star with Alex Chilton; Jimi Jamison ("Target") and a host of others in the Memphis and the Mid-South area. My influences include hints of 60's British/American styles, 70's Adult Contemporary, 80'/90's Rock, Alternative and Grunge. I am listening to more of the contemporary Alternative music of today and have many ideas for my future compositions. I am a multi-instrumentalist and perform all Vocal parts including arranging, engineering, producing, mixing and mastering. That is what you hear. For now, Songwriting/Recording is my mode of operation. All copyrights are protected/published by Carroll Tutor Music and am a voting-member of ASCAP for publishing and Artists. My FAN base is a "Grass Roots" effort. Word of Mouth. I invite you to listen, become a FAN and share with others who may have an interest in these compositions. I'm looking forward to establishing new long-lasting friends and Fans of the Music.

Sincerely and grateful for you taking the time to listen/read.

Mark Alexander Carroll

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Mark Alexander Carroll
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Hopeless Wars
You're The Disease
Before The Music Fades Away
If One Knows
Sunday Morning Aftermath
I'm Not Like U!
It's Not Enough
It's Not Such A Crime
These Words Remind
An Indigo Dream
They Did What They Were Told
(Don't Let) Your Guard (Down)
Satisfy (A '57 Chevy And A Colt 45)
What R The Chances?
Can't Stand It No More
You've Got To Hide Your LoVe Away (cover)
My Little Red Book (Cover)
House of Mystery (Acappella)
Long Way Home (Living In The Country)
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