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Mark CBH

I'm a songwriter and producer from Cardiff in the UK.


Mostly I write songs about things I've done, or wish I'd done, or wish I HADN'T done and in general I like them to be really tuneful and a bit theatrical. Also a sprinkling of wry cynicism doesn't go amiss either. You can't take yourself too seriously.


How this happened is… I woke up one day and I realised that life just keeps happening, day after day, even if you’re not really doing anything. Then I realised - with some horror - that (statistically speaking) I’m probably over halfway through my actual lifetime and what do I have to show for it? So I thought, “well, life has been good to me and I don’t have any complaints…” Or do I?” I’m pretty certain I’m not the person my 10-year old self thought I’d be. I didn’t expect to have a marriage fail. I didn’t expect to accidentally specialise in a profession and get caught up in that for 20 years. I didn’t expect to spend quite so much time in one place as I have.




So then I got thinking about various stages and episodes in my life and I started to write songs about them. Not direct, soulful, sentimental garbage songs but more cartoonish, pantomime, life-thru-an-Instagram-filter songs. These songs have ended up in one collection, an album called THEATRE, so-titled because of the showy, theatrical way my story is getting half-told through them.


The album is coming out in October and in the run-up to that, every month I’m releasing a single from that album. The fourth single in that run, due out 16 July, is Let’s Get Away, probably the slowest, most haunting track on the album. All of the songs so far are available on the usual streaming platforms, as well as Bandcamp. Come to markcbh.com to find out more, or find me on most social media at @markcbh.

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Mark CBH
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Let's Get Away

Let's Get Away

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