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Marooned, a bluesy rock 4 piece band from the Northwest of England consisting of Kev Miller on Lead vocals and Guitar, Andy Webster on Guitar and Vocals, Dom Ogden on Bass Guitar and Matt Hilditch on Drums.

Formed in 2010 by Kev in the streets of Kirkby, Liverpool, Marooned's music gives a gritty view on kev's life and experiences so far from homelessness, moving to a new town alone and working 24-hour shifts just to pay the bills.

Inspired by the likes of Pink Floyd and Queens of the stone age Marooned mix relatable lyrics, driving bass and drums and tons of solid guitar riffs. The band has evolved over the years with Kev recruiting the best of the best to shape his vision for the sound of Marooned. Having music featured on Channel 4s Hollyoaks and used on British airways playlists it is time for Marooned to make their move on the world's stage.

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