Marveline is the guitar indie/retro-pop/rock solo work of Pete Marley – a stalwart of the Sydney music scene and go-to bass player for a number of seminal local acts including The Nature Strip and Fallon Cush.


Marveline makes melodic rock. The first album, Savoury-Toothed Tiger, was released in May 2020. Here's part of a review from Sydney music writer Bernard Zuel: "Savoury-Toothed Tiger, from pun title on, is like someone set free to just play and a whole summer’s day in which to do so.


From the vocodered voice and lounge music rhythm (and organ) of the silly/fun Something Sweet and the wistful character out-of-his-time of the very Kinks-like In The Garden, to the twin-‘90s mix of Seattle sound (and subject matter) overlayed with indie pop in Bright Lights Of Despair, ... this is an adventurous sortie."


Backseat Mafia said: "Marley’s writing style and vocals could be described as a whimsical mix of XTC, The Beatles and Syd Barret. All with a dash of theatre and laconic Australian humour. And yet despite the sparkle, there is an identifiable rougher edge with a touch of grit."

"Overall ‘Savoury-Toothed Tiger’ is a pocketful of pure pop, with some sunshine and humour for the age of isolation and yet leavened by darker observations and the odd touch of melancholia."


The band is a 4-piece live outfit, emerging blinkling into the sunlight as soon as the lockdown is over....



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