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Matilda Shakes

Matilda Shakes are an anthemic indie rock band based in Sheffield, UK. The band utilise punchy driven guitars, raucous riffs, pounding drums and huge singalong club-worthy choruses.


Formed pre-covid in late 2019 the challenge of not being able to play live hit hard but now the band are finding their stride and sound having played sold out shows in their hometown and beyond. 
 “Up All Night” and “Shakedown” saw the band pining for the return of wild nights out and distorted indie-disco floorfillers. With the shackles of lockdowns now we’ll and truly shaken off, the adrenaline fuel is kicking and the good-times are flowing with no sign of slowing down with latest release “Fast lane” - a 3 minute high octane lap of rock & roll goodness high on energy.


“Fast Lane is a 100mph ride that leaves your head spinning, I can see this causing a riot live” - Awaydayradio 
 “Look I Love music like this, it gets you revved up and ready to taken on the world” - Local Sound Focus 


“Their music is explosive - the perfect soundtrack for preparing yourself for the ultimate power moment” - GodBlessthebands.com 


“Sheffield indie rockers Matilda Shakes are a band with huge potential” - RGM Magazine

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Matilda Shakes
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