Hi 😁


My name is Matt-Lyòn and I am a singer/songwriter living in Cornwall in the UK. I am originally from the Derbyshire/Nottinghamshire boarders, and I grew up with guitars, music, and poetry always present in the house.

I am currently unsigned.


I write, record, produce and perform all my own original music.

My music says and does its own thing really, but if I was asked to make reference to what genre I think my music might belong to, I would have to say along the lines of 'alternative acoustic folk'

I would love to work with the right label, and/or producer who can see and dig what I am doing musically, to record and produce an album/s that is timeless.

My music is new, refreshing, original, and evoking.

If you like what I am doing musically, then please consider supporting me and my music, by giving me the thumbs up and pressing 'subscribe' on my YouTube channel, and/or alternatively, you can also visit me on Sound cloud, Twitter, and/or there is ofcourse the option to donate to also, links to all below!

Thankyou x


- Matt-Lyòn


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