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Mayah Camara

  1. The two intertwined influences in Mayah Camara’s life are music and her Christian faith. London based, she has been recording since the young age of 12 and cannot imagine a time when she hasn’t been making music. As a result, behind her work is a sense of ease and enjoyment; she is equally at home behind the microphone in a recording studio as she is performing live.
  2. There is a strong retro influence in Mayah’s music, and she takes genres such neo-soul, and 80s and 90s pop and RnB, which she combines with lyrics emphasising her Christian faith and the experiences of a Christian in the 21st century. These include both her love for God as well as the inevitable encounters with temptation and challenges which come from a society which no longer focuses as strongly on spirituality as it once did. In this way, her music is both retro and intensely relevant; although gospel and soul have long and storied histories, Mayah is sensitive to their place in the context of the modern world, making her music immediately relatable. Laidback, melodic guitars incorporate the sounds of the 90s, and strong bass-lines, detailed production, and a love of harmony combine these separate traditions into Mayah’s own sound.
  3. Growing up in London has also been a strong influence in Mayah’s life and her development as a performing artist. She has played at legendary venues such as the Roundhouse, Wembley Arena, and the Royal Albert Hall, bringing love and passion to her live show. The rich tapestry of music which runs throughout the capital never fails to encourage her in her musical journey, and through this she has built a strong following for her unique brand of retro-inspired gospel-pop, ideal for 21st century Christians finding their way, or anyone with a love for silky smooth vocals, 90s influences and soulful undertones.

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Mayah Camara