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Mean Old Fireman

Art may imitate life, but without a doubt, life has shaped the music of slide guitarist/multiinstrumentalist, Ned Bollé. He brings his varied life experiences (Firefighter, Paramedic, Truck driver, Radio Tower Tech) that are as diverse as his instrumental influences: Sonny Landreth, Joe Pass, Steve Morse, Danny Gatton…to his unique approach to music. As founder and leader of Mean Old Fireman & the Cruel Engineers, all of those influences become apparent from the first listen to their music.


Slide guitar is Ned’s sonic paintbrush and their new releases continue to present a variegated assortment of songs, unbound by conventional notions of genre. Ned is joined by some of the Boston area's best musicians to faithfully execute his sonic vision.

Hop on board and enjoy the ride!

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Mean Old Fireman
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