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Melanie S Jane

Melanie S Jane is a singer/songwriter living next to Newcastle Upon Tyne and started performing live in June 2018, and is also a member of the original band "Emerald Stone".


Melanie S Jane's sound has so far been described as quirky, ethereal, psychedelic, with an alternative edge.


Live performances Melanie S Jane likes to perform with guitar and also her own created keyboard, drums, bass, synth sounds which are heard on the recordings.


Music releases up to date are;

"In The Moonlight" ep released April 2019.

"All In A Moment" ep released Feb 2020.

"Find The Time" single released Feb 2020.

"Electric Scenery" single released May 2020.

“Silver Beam” single released August 2020.

"In The Moonlight" single released November 2020.

"Circles" single released December 2020.

"Over The Horizon" released February 2021.

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Melanie S Jane