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Melotika is an electro pop artist based in Toronto, Canada. Born and raised in Montreal, singer/songwriter Melotika fuses rich and smoky vocals over sultry electro beats. She shines with authenticity and musical prowess. Her projects blend indie alternative sounds with what she calls "smart pop" and crafts infectious, dance-able tunes. Each song stays with you because of their rapid spit fire musical style coupled with assured lyrics. The latest drop "Joy Ride" sets her into a funky new territory.

The brand new single ‘Joy Ride’ is meant to be creative, strange and wild. It is an avant-garde composition blending the genres of pop rock and industrial music. Overall, the song is about conquering being an outsider and being different.

Melotika knows how to throw her own dance party. Keep up with this dirty blonde haired force with a solid musical style designed to bring the listener with her on a journey. 

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