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Michael Huber

Was alone in my head all of my life. Maybe, I woke up after my third hospitalisation in November 2020. My body could not take any more of my "Life Style"!

Had to fight my way through, like anybody else. Never had any streetfight.

No drugs, no dealing, no criminal actions. Maybe against my own family, but nobody was physically hurt!!

My mother bought me a lot of cigarettes when I was 8 years old.

Had to be the "man" in the house from my seventh birthday on. Heard a lot of lies about my father. Knew him, somehow, until his dead at my 19th birthday. Was the quickest available to identify his body. Saw a lot of dead bodys around me. What is there to add?


Yes, make music since 1998 and support any kind of artist officially also.

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Michael Huber