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Michael Wall

I am a composer and multi-instrumentalist from the New York Metro area.  Having spent two decades performing, composing, arranging, conducting, and teaching music, my newest venture, Coming Home, represents a shift in direction, tapping into my core of musical experience. My music is contemporary yet draws on a range of musical influences from classical and minimalist genres.  These new pieces for piano and strings range from mellow and meditative to rich and multidimensional and transport listeners to a place of discovery and contemplative beauty.  


When not making music, I enjoy running, hiking, and spending time by the ocean.

So look around and check out my music.  If you like it, you can find more at www.michaelwallmusic.com.  You can also contact me directly at michaelwallmusic@gmail.com for information regarding booking and commissioning works.

Thanks for stopping by.  Enjoy!

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Michael Wall
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