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Midnight 76

Born from a do or die mentality, Midnight 76’s sole member (Damian), booked studio time to put himself on the chopping block as a singer and producer. Being self produced and self released, the Self Titled album, gives an intriguing glimpse of an unbridled artistic expression yet to be explored.


Self Titled (2021) Album Profile:

An igniting amalgamation of Hard Rock music where Grunge, Alternative, Psych and Punk howl like a biting wind as the samples of mechanical noise race overhead.


Other Animals (2020) Album Profile:

Blurs the lines of genre to make something unique yet appealing. An energetic blend of electronic, dance, industrial, and trip-hop music led by viscerally catchy electric guitar. It is solidly “rock music” but breaks through the purist rock structure.

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Midnight 76
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