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Mindless Hope

  1. Sliptrick Records recording artist Mindless Hope is a progressive metal band that blends solid harmonies and dynamic riffs into a unique, driving sound. Based in Philadelphia, PA, Mindless Hope has been a band since 2009, released two full-length albums - "Verbatim" in 2013 and "Unlocking A New Realm Of Existence" in 2016 as well as an EP, "Speechless" in 2017. Their third full-length album, "Mental Truancy", is available worldwide.

    The band has always blazed their own trail, pushing the limits of the genre and creating dynamic, hard-hitting songs that take listeners on a journey. Their music can be found on all major platforms worldwide.
  2. Matt Grosse - Lead / Rhythm Guitar
  3. Mark David - Vocals
  4. Travis Ebner - Drums
  5. Rob Covello - Lead / Rhythm Guitar
  6. Frank Neill - Bass Guitar

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Mindless Hope
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