Philadelphia native NADIRA NORJAHAN is a Soul Singer, Songwriter, Poet and Author presenting her brand of lyric, music and stories to the world. Songwriting, poetry and storytelling are where NADIRA NORJAHAN brings the story of real-life experiences to the forefront so that her fans can’t help but relate to the pains, the joys and really feeling her message.

NADIRA NORJAHAN, a native of West Philly, knew from an early age that she wanted to be a singer. She sang in various choirs, took part in talent events and performed her poetry, developing her skills, stage presence and vocal delivery over several years. NADIRA NORJAHAN is energetic and gives dynamic performances whenever she takes the stage.

NADIRA’S latest project, “SugaCane”, produced by Samuel Archer and Engineered by Jon Evans of Jonwerx is available on most music stream platforms including iTunes, Pandora and YouTube.

NADIRA NORJAHAN'S greatly anticipated book, “LEGACY OF LOVE, Eartha's Seed” and will be accompanied by a BOOK SOUNDTRACK, also produced by Samuel Archer and Engineered by Jon Evans of Jonwerx.

NADIRA NORJAHAN is also a published co-author of an anthology project organized by Monique Denton-Davis titled "Unapologetically Winning, Overcoming Adversity and Taking Action", published by Embrace Your CAKE, LLC.

For more information on Nadira Norjahan and her projects, visit her website at 

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