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Pioneering alternative band Nohumaneye return their new album Age of Extinction. Formed in 1977, discovered by Mayo Thompson (The Red Crayola), who published their first single through Cherry Red Music, performed live around North-East Scotland, disbanded then pursued solo projects in music and film. Martyn and Walter continued to write and record in Aberdeen. David released a solo album ‘Delirious’ , released Wall of Air EP (New York Vital Music) and drummed with Aberdeen based Mono Grande. David was drummer in Richard Strange’s (Doctors of Madness) project Happiness. Nohumaneye songs were reimagined on the Baba Vuk album Promesse du Bonheur, longlisted for the Scottish Album of the Year (SAY) Awards 2018. A special Mark Stewart (The Pop Group/The Mafia) versus Nohumaneye Remix EP is forthcoming.

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