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Nemanja Basaric

My name is Nemanja Basaric. I was born in October 21, 1985 in Apatin, small town on the southern part of Serbia.
I grow up in a small village Prigrevica, where as a young boy I had first experience with father's vinyls such as Pink Floyd,
Deep Purple, AC/DC, ZZ Top, Led Zeppelin etc.
My first interest in electronic music was during my high school when my good friend brought some compilations from Germany.
Getting along with him very soon I realize that being related with electronic music is my future vocation and my passion.
Soon after that I meat an amazing guy Goran Marinic aka DJ Ant. We start creating our first beats and dj sets.
The turning point was when I came to Novi Sad, second biggest city in Serbia, where I had the chance to meet one of our
greatest DJ legend, Sandor Antal aka DJ Slowhands. He was the one who introduced me to all the secrets of DJ culture and
everything that comes along with it.
Nowadays I am trying to create a good track which people would consider as valid and entertaining.
My mission is to encourage young people to engage in.

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Nemanja Basaric