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Nicolas Xun Electyva Rec

https://streamingv2.shoutcast.com/move-ibiza Nicolas Xun Dj Electyva Rec : Nicolas Xun Dj comienza en los 90 hacer sus primeras mezclas en clubes , de Murcia y alicante y mas tarde forma parte de el grupo Diguitax sound con el es componente de Komplot, Andres nicolas , Compartiendo escenario con grupos de música electrónica como Corona Italia Euro Dance , Paco Pil España , La luna Bélgica, Dance ,entre otros artistas ,deja el circuito durante un año , volviendo de la mano del colectivo Dinamo y Rain Muzik , es este ultimo el que comienza amontar raves por Holanda Alemania y Francia , llegando a su fin en menos de un año ,comienza su andadura en dinamo en fiestas privadas eventos y raves ,compartiendo cabina con dj,s de toda Europa , donde comienza a residir en clubes ,& estudios musicales de nivel mundial y hacer grandes amigos que le aportan lo necesario , de la relación Dj productor , amante de toda música bien cierto es que sus gustos son variados pero mui selectos, entra desde el Techno mas duro asta el electro mas duro y el sico trans ,y Techno son sus gustos predilectos , Techno trance , progresivo trance , techno Progresivo House , techno , Hard House ,Techo House ,Tech Trance , Minimal Techno, Goa , Electronica . Nicolas Xun Dj Electyva Rec: Nicolas Xun Dj began in the 90s to make his first mixes in clubs, in Murcia and Alicante and later he was part of the group Diguitax sound with him, Andres nicolas, a member of Komplot, sharing the stage with music groups Electronic music such as Corona Italia Euro Dance, Paco Pil Spain, La luna Belgium, Dance, among other artists, leaves the circuit for a year, returning from the hand of the Dinamo and Rain Muzik collective, it is the latter who begins stacking raves in Holland Germany and France, coming to an end in less than a year, begins his journey in dynamo in private parties, events and raves, sharing a booth with djs from all over Europe, where he begins to reside in clubs, & world-class musical studios and do great friends who bring him what he needs, from the relationship Dj producer, lover of all music, it is true that his tastes are varied but very select, he enters from the hardest Techno to the hardest electro and the sicotrans, and Techno are his favorite tastes, Techno trance, progressive trance, Progressive House techno, techno, Hard House, Techo House, Tech Trance, Minimal Techno, Goa, Electronica ( https://streamingv2.shoutcast.com/move-ibiza ) Nicolas_Xun_Contag Move Ibiza Radio📷Jueves: Horario Europa Central España:04:00Am:06:00📷Every Thursday Transmission Nicolas_Xun_Contag Move Ibiza Radio📷Thursday:Argentina Buenos Aires📷Time:00:00Am:02:00📷Thursday:Central Europe Spain📷Time:04:00AM:06:00📷 Thanks you friends https://www.moveibiza.net https://www.facebook.com/groups/moveibiza

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Nicolas Xun Electyva Rec
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