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Nikita Skogen

Nikita Skogen is a kindhearted Country Artist and songwriter with a lot of passion for her music. She started music before she could even walk, but the start of a career began in 2008, with small performances here and there. Followed by a youtube single in 2010, "I Wonder". She has worked together with several norwegian artists in form of perfoming and recording. But it wasn't until 2020 Nikita really got noticed as an artist.


She has allready build a devoted fan base world wide. But her heart belongs to Nashville. In november 2020 she released her debut single "Break your heart". And in february 2021 she released hit single "I'm My Own Person". Nikita is working with Nashville producer Davis Branch. She writes her own songs with help some amazing co-writers. Nikita is also a member of ISSA. In desember 2020 she made top 10 modern country song finalist with her debut single at the WSA. She was also featured on She Wolf Radio's top 50 Artists to watch 2021.

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Nikita Skogen
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