Nothing 2 Fear

It was Twenty years ago, not Today, 📷;-) in Austin Texas, the Word man met the Music man and became friends. They bounced in and out of bands together. Ten years ago they decide to form their own band. And because the Word man had the power of the deal, he decided to name the band Nothing 2 Fear.

They spoke to two of their friends, one on bass and one on drums, and became a classic rock bar fly band. After doing this ten years, the Word man and the Music man decided they weren’t satisfied being flesh and blood mp3 players any longer. Because you know, if you don’t do your own music all you are is a flesh and blood mp3 player. There are tens of thousands of bands just like that.

They decided they wanted to make their mark, leave a legacy, so the Word man and the Music man decide to combine the words with the music and make originals.

Sadly their bass player and their drummer couldn’t see the same vision. So Atlas Shrugged and the bass player and drummer were let go.

As the saying goes you must close one door for the new door to open. And man did it ever open!

The Music man brought in his long time friend the Bass man. The Bass man brought in his long time friend the Drummer man and Nothing 2 Fear was finally born.

Nothing 2 Fear is an all originals band with songs that are both cutting edge and evocative of the 70’s. from theatre rock to ballads, the music you will hear is nothing like that you have heard so far.

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