Ollie Jones

Hello! My name is Oliver Jones and I am a 15 year old composer, Cellist and Pianist.

Oliver lives in the South West of England, and has been recovering from a total hip replacement since early October, as he had been suffering from arthritis for over 2 years. He has been a music scholar at Truro School in Cornwall since 2018, so it clear that his passions lie in music, as he plays the piano and the cello. Over the painful months leading up to his operation, and the months after it, he composed his first album called Images which comprises all of the pieces he created over this period, twinned with beautiful pictures alongside them. These four pieces depict the ups and downs of his life with arthritis, and what effect it can have on not just yourself, but the people around you. The album was released on April 3rd 2020.


With the current state of COVID-19 pandemic, musicians and artists all around the world have been affected. As a result, Oliver has decided that his newest album, Flightwill be released on August 3rd, which is a full 10 months after his life-changing hip surgery.

Flight is undoubtedly a unique album in its own right. It was created by composing a 4 bar, simple melody, and incorporating it into each piece in the album. Unlike Images, Flight is not depicting moments in life, but moments in music. Each piece depicts a feeling that Oliver felt whilst playing music, of any genre. Now that Flight has been released, you can now stream it on your favourite music platforms, and perhaps buy a CD for a longer term listen! You can find the album on any store or streaming service.


You can find out more about myself at my website www.olliejonesmusic.com

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