Owen Masterson

Singer, songwriter, recording artist- these labels only begin to scratch Owen Masterson’s layered surface. He rock and rolled through the 70s and 80s with Yanks, SVT, Das Blok, Storm Hotel and more. In the late 80s he did an about-face trading the music scene for acting and theater, which led to modeling, television, commercials, and movies. In 2000, seeing a more challenging and creative horizon, he picked up a camera and began shooting stock photography, which led to travel, food, people, and architectural/interior stories for magazines. As day follows night, still photography led to filmmaking, where his company produced over seventy short subject films and two award winning feature length documentaries, picking up two EMMY’s in the process. Through it all Owen continued to write new material adding to a vast catalogue of songs. Re-entering the studio in 2017, Owen’s new recordings continue his artistic musical vision.

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