Paul Addie

Paul Addie is a vocalist, multi-instrumentalist, composer, writer, performer and programmer. Originally from Australia, with English/Irish roots, Addie is now living in America.

He has played almost all REAL instruments on his, as of yet, un-mastered debut solo album which he co-produced. Paul has been co-creator of many great musical and artistic projects, with a host of world-class wonderful folk and also coached a young student for 'The Voice Australia' competition.

Since August '18 Addie has been co-operating/co-running L & I Studios New Jersey mixing/recording/playing/producing, as well as teaching vocal /guitar/ drums/ keys/ performance/songwriting in between.

Paul Addie has played 1000's of hours of Australian gigs, from the salt of the earth suburban and rural places to arenas, stadiums and the metropolises of every capital city in Australia.

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