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Priscilla Hernandez

Priscilla Hernandez (aka. "Yidneth" ) Composer, singer-songwriter and multiinstrumentalist from Spain. She also combines her music with her fantasy illustration, videos and photography. Inspired by the world of dreams, fairytales, ghost tales, Nature, myths and legends her songs are always teeming with old lore and storytelling. Cinematic sounds, ethereal vocals Mostly active on her yotube where she also shares music videos of her own film-making .

Her music alternates moods from uplifting folk (originals but also ancient folk songs) with her acoustic instruments (harp, kantele, hammered dulcimer) with soft-electronica, piano and synths.

All physical albums published so far have been illustrated mini-books. You can find the art including the illustrated albums at her official site at yidneth.com


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Priscilla Hernandez
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