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Ralf Dee

RALF DEE is a solo-artist from Germany. He has released an EP, three

albums and four singles since 2009 and played numerous gigs. In 2017

"Glück gehabt", the first album with German lyrics came out. Since then he

has been writing in German language continuously and varies his own style

somewhere from acoustic Folk to handmade bluesy Rock sounds.

In the beginning of 2020 he would hardly have imagined to produce any kind

of electronic music. But during the lockdown in spring he became more

experimental. The single "Regen, Regen komm" (Release July 17 2020),

which resulted from his first online project together with sound engineer and

producer Dennis Kizilirmak already indicates a new path. In September RALF

DEE started working on new material in another online collaboration together

with sound twiddler and guitarist -zardoz-. Long experienced and with a

preference for extreme genres, -zardoz- knows how to modify RALF DEE's

Blues Riff oriented songs with powerful beats and fancy sounds and provides

them with a fresh new outfit. The concept works well and the foundation for

the first EP is laid. RALF DEE commissions Dennis Kizilirmak for the fine

tunings again and so the "Candy Box" EP (Release May 14 2021) emerges in

the field of tension between Techno, Industrial, Blues- and Garage- Rock.

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Ralf Dee
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