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I knew I was destined to be an entertainer at a very young age. Michael Jackson was the first iconic musical influence to pique my interest in the performing arts. In fact, Somewhere boxed away in storage there’s a video of me dancing and singing karaoke to Michael Jackson’s “Rock with you” wearing a glove at the age of five years old. Eventually, I became intrigued with Jazz. I remember being in San Francisco, CA sitting in a Japanese Sushi Restaurant with my Grandmother. They were
playing music and it was a much different sound than I was accustomed too. I asked my Grandmother “What’s that?” And with much enthusiasm, she replied, “That’s Jazz!”. It wasn’t long after that day I picked up my first Saxophone.

Throughout my childhood, I was pretty involved in sports, at least up until the eighth grade. My life had become torn between my two loves of sports and music but it seemed like sports were no longer gaining my full attention. After playing in Jazz Bands, School Bands and attending different summer programs such as “Stanford Jazz” and “Grammy Camp” in L.A, I decided music was going to be the main focus in my life. Once my music lessons collided with my sports team practices, it
was clear that music was the path I would take.

I then went on to audition for “San Francisco Ruth Asawa School of the Arts” and “Oakland School for the Arts.” After being accepted to both, I decided to go to the School in San Francisco because it was closer to home. I also was heavily involved in bands outside of school such as “Latin Jazz Youth Ensemble”, “Loco Bloco”, and “SF Jazz”. One year, I even performed in the San Francisco Carnival Competition with “Loco Bloco”, a Brazilian influenced bacteria group that focuses on community unity through the performing arts. That year we won first place in the summer of 2014.

Following said events was the awarding of my “Talent Grant Scholarship” to Morehouse College Music Department via the efforts of Dr. Uzee Brown and the Music Department Faculty. Thus, I became first chair and Section Leader In “Jazz Band”, “Concert Band”, “Marching Band” and “Combo”. In order to sustain myself financially, I played paid gigs performing various genres of music
playing the Saxophone. Most of my performances I was alone, with my fraternity “Phi Mu Alpha Sinfonia Fraternity of America Inc” or playing with my R&b Jazz Trio “Top Three” (I also performed with famous Saxophonist Najee). At the same time, I worked many jobs in retail and other areas as well. I worked as an intern for Jazz radio station “WCLK FM 91.9”. I even got to intern for Joy Young who Managed artist at Atlanta’s own “Wondaland Records”. This gave me the opportunity to work with artists such as “St. Beauty”, “Janelle Monáe” and “Hamilton Park”. After four years of hard
work and intense dedication I eventually went on to receive my degree (B.A of Music) from Morehouse College.

Post college, I have played at San Francisco City Hall for the Mayor London Breed and the amazing audience that was in attendance for the Black History Month Ceremony in the Rotunda Hall whilst being featured on NBC Bay Area News. As well as a variety of music gigs for weddings, conferences, private parties, churches, clubs, and lounges. I even had my own students working as a private music teacher. Over time, I added more instruments to my toolboxes such as flute, piano, percussion, and
vocals. Now, I am focusing on continuing to develop as a published artist in the entertainment industry.

It’s never easy getting off the ground as a struggling independent artist. Especially trying to have side hustles to maintain and fund your music career. I’m blessed to have a very supportive family and a few friends who really have helped me grow musically. At this stage in my career, my main focus is putting out high quality, professional sounding music.

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Real KMS
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