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Revolución Tortilla

Hi everyone!! Here's Jak Kröss & Manfred Who. We are the Revolución Tortilla, interdimentional time-travellers making songs to survive.

For better or worst, we landed on Mexican ground ( lovely people, but very hard place to live). Lots of art & dying artists. Even with that, we keep our musical journey.

On 11/20/2020 we dropped our first album Under-Standing Through Space & Time.

A collection of 8 space tracks for your escape-from-reality needs written, played, recorded & produced by us.

2021 saw the birth of Outerunity, the second chapter of our journey.

The future will bring more music, so stay tuned!

Find us everywhere, join us anytime and welcome on to the Revolución Tortilla journey!!

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Revolución Tortilla