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Riko Redz

Riko Redz is an artist with a broad creative focus. Although Riko was born in Baltimore, he spent time in New York, Wyoming and Pennsylvania. Being able to experience different places opened his mind as a person and artist, enriching him with different experiences. Prior to his solo career, Riko was a member of rap group, Syndakit who opened for rappers such as Paul Wall and Baby Bash.


Today, Riko focuses on a solo career. However, he is more than a rapper. He is an overall musical artist who has no limit when it comes to exploring different genres. He loves to keep an open-ended approach to his vision, which pushes him to explore sounds that go beyond hip-hop by embracing multiple genres.


Riko is a natural-born storyteller. He uses his lyrics and mastery of words to connect with the audience. In addition, the production that drives his music is amazing and he is all about connecting his powerful lyrics with some insane grooves, that really add more value and depth to his music. He has released some exciting projects including the album “Live Fast, Die Slow,” as well as an EP, “What’s Love?”. In his words, he is "Music’s Redzolution”. His releases are very diverse, and there is something special about his ability to come up with new ideas. But what’s common to all his work is that his flow and vocal delivery are incredibly on-point. He has a smooth and articulate style, which sits seemingly with any type of beat.

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Riko Redz
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