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Robin Gunns & The Flesh Ripping Weasels

"A band whose members are the contrived psychotic delusions of a singularly depraved and maniacally insane mind. Includes former members of Diane & The Short Boys, Joe Papp and the Smears, the Yeti Band, and Dr. Geedznak & The Tupperware People. Headquarters in New York, NY, and the Horsehead Nebula."


Robin Gunns worked for Blues reissue label Yazoo Records as a teenager.  From the 78 RPM record era, to Chicago blues, rockabilly, folk, British invasion, and Top 40 radio that brought together the best pop sounds from Motown to Nashville to Haight Ashbury - Robin Gunns blends these influences into compositions that are musically rich, lyrically irreverent, and true ear worms.  Long-time Nashville/Texas session guitarist Rick Gordon calls Robin Gunns’ work “the epitome of unique … it’s got bits of genius … and should be heard by a lot more people. I recommend everyone have a good long listen” (ReverbNation).

Robin was a member of Diane & The Short BoysJoe Papp & The Smears, and Dr. Geedznak & The Tupperware People. He performs in the New York area with talented local players.  His original compositions are recorded with his occasionally-assembled band, The Flesh Ripping Weasels.  Recordings are available on major distribution platforms (click here for Bandcamp, use discount code REDRUM), and these as well as Youtube and Instagram videos of performances are all linked through his website,

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Robin Gunns & The Flesh Ripping Weasels
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