SERENDIB is a singer, a songwriter and a multi-instrumentalist based in Amsterdam. He is also a medical doctor, a researcher and a professor in acute medicine with more than 150 peer-reviewed scientific publications to his name.
He was born in Sri Lanka and started writing songs early but fled the war in Sri Lanka to pursue a career in medicine in 1989.
After a long delay he re-started his medical education in VU University in Amsterdam and finished his MD, obtained a PhD and a fellowship in Internal Medicine and Acute Medicine. He is currently the head of section Acute Medicine in prestigious Amsterdam University Medical Center in Amsterdam.

After a long break he started writing songs again and released a mini-album called "Almost Paradise" in 2013. This album contained many socially and politically conscious songs such as "Nowhere to go", "Almost Paradise" and "Mister 63".
“Wake Up and Shine” a happy and a vibrant single about life released a few months ago has been already streamed around 600,000 times in Spotify and counting. “You” a dreamy, romantic, sensitive and a brittle love ballad released a few months ago have been played extensively in many independent radio stations in UK, USA, Europe and Canada.
All the songs have been written, composed and sung by SERENDIB. Songs were produced by a team of musical friends from Rotterdam: Lesley Joseph, Nadeem Ishaak, VJ Moelchand and Anad Mahangoe.

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